Viral Notebook

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  1. Choose a social bookmarking service — if you don't already have one. As you progress through the remainder of the process consider which ones you'd like to bookmark.
  2. Experience and try the following search sites. You should be familiar with what they can do, what they search and how to perform advanced (or better) searches if it allows it. Often there is an "Advanced" link or "Advanced Searches" link that will help.
    1. Boolify
    2. Sputtr
    3. Technorati
    4. Clusty powered by Vivisimo
    5. Dogpile
    6. YouTube and TeacherTube
    7. and Podcast Alley
    8. Flickr and Flickr Creative Commons
    9. Ditto, Picsearch and Google Image Search
    10. Google Scholar
    11. For kids: Ivy's Search Engine Resources for Kids, GoGooligans and OneKey

Possible Social Bookmarking Tools