I've just started using PBWiki recently...really just playing around.  I've used Wetpaint and Wikipedia before, but I have to say that one feature of PBWiki that has stuck out in my head for classroom teachers is the ability to create classroom accounts without attaching emails to the accounts.

To make any changes in PBWiki, you have to log in.  This is whether your wiki is public or not.  So often when I discuss wikis with teachers, I tell them they have to come up with system for log ins or use a common log in.  With PBWikis new classroom accounts, it will generate logins and passwords for each of your students without emails.  This is huge and awesome.  To find out more details about this, check out PBWiki's post and take a look at the video below.



Jessica Hall

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 15:31:09

Dr. Grant,

I am a student in Dr. Clifford's class. You pbwiki when you came and shared with us about Web 2.0 technologies. This particular tool really caught my attention because the teacher is able to create login names for the students without e-mails from the students. I think this is great, especially in elementary school settings because many children may not have e-mail accounts set up. I will make sure I remember this tool when I am in my own classroom! Thank you!


Danielle Hayes

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:42:44

Dr. Grant,
When you were presenting to Dr. Clifford's class on October 23, the PBWiki website was one that you mentioned. After you gave the presentation, I went home and played around with it for a few minutes to just become acquainted with the website and I am quite sure that I would be able to implement this Web 2.0 technology into my future classroom. Thank you so much for the resource!


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