I just heard about BlinkWeb today.  I haven't tried it yet, though.  Ironically, I heard about BlinkWeb from Weebly's blog.  One of the commenters (a former Weebly user - just scroll till you see the inanity) recommended jumping ship from Weebly and taking a cruise on BlinkWeb. 

From the promotional video, it does look very similar to Weebly.  Also, from the homepage, BlinkWeb is positioning itself as an Internet marketing Web site or blog.  It does include components to add e-commerce right onto your pages.  Which if you're looking to sell something, that's a good idea. 

Another site that makes creating Web site and blogs super easy is Webon.  Again, I haven't tried Webon yet.  But I'm going to be giving one or both of these guys a try really soon.  Have you tried either BlinkWeb or Webon?  If so, I'd like to know your thought about it.



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