I've just started using PBWiki recently...really just playing around.  I've used Wetpaint and Wikipedia before, but I have to say that one feature of PBWiki that has stuck out in my head for classroom teachers is the ability to create classroom accounts without attaching emails to the accounts.

To make any changes in PBWiki, you have to log in.  This is whether your wiki is public or not.  So often when I discuss wikis with teachers, I tell them they have to come up with system for log ins or use a common log in.  With PBWikis new classroom accounts, it will generate logins and passwords for each of your students without emails.  This is huge and awesome.  To find out more details about this, check out PBWiki's post and take a look at the video below.


This is the second day of fun professional development with the engaging and passionate teachers at Power Center Academy in Memphis, TN. 

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2. Embeds—Embedding fun, live and automatically updated widgets.
3. Search & Retrieve—Coming to understand the different search engines, search directories and metasearches.  When to what.


Today, I am spending the evening with some exceptional teachers at Union University in Jackson, TN, with Dr. Anna Clifford's class.  We'll be discussing what characteristics of Web 2.0 make it most approachable for teachers and students.  We'll also consider what to watch out for when using these tools, too. 

Here's a list of links I'll be referencing today:
    • Delicious <http://del.icio.us/>
    • Diigo <http://www.diigo.com>
    • Google Docs <http://www.google.com/apps>
    • Jumptags <http://www.jumptags.com>
    • Trailfire <http://www.trailfire.com>
    • Twitter <http://www.twitter.com>
    • Weebly <http://www.weebly.com>
    • Zoho <http://www.zoho.com>

Here's a list on my sites:
    • Kid eLit+ <http://michaelmgrant.weebly.com>
    • Viral Notebook <http://viralnotebook.weebly.com>
    • My email <mgrant2@memphis.edu>

Download today's presentation in .pdf format (10.5 MB).

9:25 pm
We had an awesome time tonight.  I really enjoyed talking, discussing and answering.  I was so excited to hear the variety and imperativeness of the questions.  I can tell that these teachers are really considering how to implement these technologies meaningfully and efficiently into their classrooms.  Thanks for having me tonight!  Good luck to all of you, and email me if you like.


Way back in May 2006, David Jakes authored a blog post about what factors contribute to sustainable innovations (i.e., technology and pedagogy) in classrooms. These include institutional readiness for change, multiple entry points for novices and experts alike, value added and invisible technology.  Take a quick read. Take a look at some of the comments as well.

Do these still hold true today? Would you add others? Would you replace some of his?