Two of my favorite Web 2.0 tools of all time just went to the dark side.  Okay, that's a little dramatic.  They both just instituted new business models.  Zoho Creator, the online database and Web interface tool all in one, just added a business plan.  This, of course, placed limits on the free plan, including the number of applications and the amount of storage total.  Apparently, everyone else also loved this tool and the folks at Zoho decided they needed to cash in on that.  Well, I can't blame them.  It's really an awesome tool for what it does.  OgasaWalrus recommended that they might offer a lower priced personal or business plan.  I've done the ASP programming and I've done the PHP programming, and I hate programming.  So, to have a tool that will allow you to create a form and it generate the database connectivity behind the scenes is pretty spectacular.  I will certainly miss unlimited use of Zoho Creator.  I've recommended it (and the other Zoho brand of tools) to so many colleagues and teachers across the country I can't count them all.  I sort of wish there was a way to get a little reward for inviting people to use Zoho.  Hmmm?  There's another business model for them.

Weebly, another of my all-time faves and the host of this here blog, also just added a "Pro" plan.  This, too, generated a ceiling for the number of sites you can generate with the free plan.  I have encouraged double digits at least of individual teachers to use Weebly for their classroom sites and blogs.  Weebly is certainly unique, which is why I love it so much.  Weebly not only has a drag-and-drop interface but it will allow you to create a Web site and include a blog or multiple blog pages within your site.  Weebly was certainly doing this long before Wordpress added the features of menus and and static pages.  I believe that they may be experiencing some heavy volume and not enough support.  In a recent support email to Weebly, it took about 2 weeks for them to respond and they indicated the difficulties they were having.  So, maybe the Pro plan is a revenue generating method to help support the current users.  In any case, I will continue to use Weebly and recommend it...particularly to teachers.  It hasn't been blocked by school districts yet, and the drag and drop certainly make it easy enough to use with little to no instruction for the teachers.  Wonder if Weebly would institute the invite rewards too?