This is the second day of fun professional development with the engaging and passionate teachers at Power Center Academy in Memphis, TN. 

:: Clif and Michael's Bookmarks
     1. Clif's Bookmarks in Diigo ::
     2. Michael's Bookmarks in Jumptags ::

:: Links and Activities
     1. M&Ms Live Spreadsheet

2. Embeds—Embedding fun, live and automatically updated widgets.
3. Search & Retrieve—Coming to understand the different search engines, search directories and metasearches.  When to what.


Clif Mims and I will be sharing and discussing with Grades 6–8 teachers at Memphis' newest charter school Power Center Academy.  We'll be spending two days with the teachers and staff discovering how best to leverage their high technology environment and Web 2.0 tools.  Below are some of the tools and resources we'll be exploring.

:: Our Resource Sites

:: Viral Videos
     YouTube videos that make a point.

:: Social Bookmarking Sites
     Diigo ::
     Delicious ::
     Jumptags ::
     Pillfish ::
     Trailfire ::

:: Web Presence Tools
     Weebly ::
     Edublogs ::
     Wikispaces ::

:: Trailfire is for More than Bookmarking
     Here's a post that describes how to use Trailfire to create self-instructional units and Webquests.

:: How to Weebly in 10

:: Search & Retrieve
     An activity to explore different search engines, metasearches and directories.