By way of one of my favorite sites for getting things done faster, easier, more effectively or more efficiently (I'm talking about, comes a pack of free clip art for presentations, Web pages and word processing.  This simple little pack of icons, things and badges comes by "freeway" of  iPresentee describes their freebie pack as:

The background of all objects is transparent and can be used on any colored background. Each object can be changed in size, rotated, increased or decreased in opacity, fitted with shadows or even overlapped with one another to create extra effects. Keynote Objects are compatible with Keynote, iWeb, Pages, Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.

This is just my kind of score: cool and free.  These little gems with a sample of the 100+ above would be easy adds to a presentation, flyer, or Web page.  Props to  Kudos to the Lifehacker commenters that solved the download glitch.  Instructions to everyone else: Download away!

Download the pack for Mac (.dmg).
Download the pack for Windows (.zip).